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Wooden console table will bring a touch of nature into your home

Are you looking for ways to add a touch of nature to your home décor? If so, you may want to consider incorporating wooden console tables and wooden vase into your design scheme.  Wooden console tables are a versatile and stylish way to add a touch of nature to your home décor. Console tables can be used in a variety of ways, from providing a surface for decorative objects to serving as a catch-all for keys and mail. And, because they come in a wide range of styles, you’re sure to find one that fits your personal aesthetic. If you’re looking for a rustic touch, consider a table made from reclaimed wood. For something a bit more modern, try sleek teak or cherry wood design.

No matter what your style, here are six ways to add a touch of nature into your home.

1. Use a wooden console table as a catch-all in your entryway

A wooden console table is a perfect catch-all for your entryway. Keys, mail, and sunglasses can all find a home on a console table. Add a few decorative elements, such as a wooden vase of fresh flowers or a family photo, to personalize the space. A console table is also a great way to add extra storage to your entryway. You can use baskets or bins to store items out of sight but within easy reach. And if you don’t have an entryway, a wooden console table can also work well in a cramped hallway or at the end of a bed. So if you’re looking for a versatile piece of furniture, consider a console table.

2. Create a cozy reading nook

If you have a small wooden table in your home, you can easily turn it into a cozy reading nook. Start by placing your favorite armchair or sofa next to the table. Then, add a lamp to provide gentle illumination. Be sure to choose a style that fits your décor. For example, if your home has a more traditional look, you might opt for a classic brass lamp with an opaque shade. If you prefer a more modern aesthetic, choose a sleek metal table lamp with a linen drum shade. Finally, top off your reading nook with a stack of books and a cozy blanket. This way, you’ll be able to keep warm on chilly nights.

3. Give your dining room an instant upgrade

A wooden console table is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used in a variety of ways. In a dining room, it can be used in place of a traditional sideboard. A small table is narrower than a sideboard, making it more space-efficient. It also provides an opportunity to create an elegant presentation. Fill the table with serving pieces and platters, and use the surface to display your favorite dishes.

4. Console table as additional bathroom storage

As anyone who has ever fumbled around in a cramped bathroom knows, keeping essentials within easy reach can make a big difference in the morning rush. A wooden console table is the perfect way to add a little extra storage to your bathroom without taking up too much space. Whether you use it to keep toiletries organized or to store extra towels, a console table can help you get ready for your day with less stress. Plus, with its slim profile and sleek lines, a wood console table can also help give your bathroom a more polished look.

5. In need of a nightstand?

In addition to being a great place to display décor, a console table can also be used as a makeshift nightstand. To create this look, simply place a lamp on one side of the table and keep books and other nighttime essentials within arm’s reach on the other side. This arrangement is perfect for small bedrooms or for anyone who doesn’t want to invest in a dedicated nightstand. Plus, it’s easy to change up the look of a console table, so you can give your bedroom a fresh new look whenever you like.

6. Take advantage of empty wall space

This is an especially good idea if you have an odd-shaped or narrow wall that is difficult to style otherwise. An angry painted canvas hung above a rustic wooden table would make for an eye-catching display.  Not only will this help to fill the space, but it will also add visual interest and make your console table more interesting to look at. When choosing artwork to hang, try to pick something that ties in with the style of your wooden console table. If you have a modern table, for example, you might want to choose an abstract painting. Whatever you choose, make sure it compliments your existing décor and creates the look you are going for.


Whether you use it as a catch-all in your entryway or as additional storage in your bathroom, there are countless ways to incorporate a wooden console table into your home décor. And when paired with a wooden vase, they make for a stylish and naturalistic combination sure to please everyone who sets foot inside your home.

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