Why You Should Be Paying More for Reclaimed Wood Planks

Reclaimed wood planks are sold at a premium because they are more expensive to produce than your standard 2×4. The extra expense comes from the fact that reclaimed wood planks have unique and interesting properties that can’t be replicated by newer wood, such as an uneven surface or splinters that add character to your furniture rather than detract from it. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should use reclaimed wood planks in your next DIY project, these 5 reasons will show you why it’s worth paying the higher price tag.

What Is Reclaimed Wood?

The term reclaimed wood is a loose one, referring to wood that has been salvaged from old buildings and other structures. Reclaimed wood planking, it’s typically wooden boards stripped off a factory or warehouse. These wide planks are then milled into smooth boards used in flooring and cabinets. The thickness can vary depending on what piece of reclaimed wood you choose, but when it comes to reclaimed lumber, it’s common to see 12-inch-wide planking that can be laminated with other pieces. So why should you pay more? Well, maybe consider paying less instead—as long as you know what you’re getting.

Why Is Reclaimed Wood Expensive?

Why Is Reclaimed Wood Expensive?

When we hear reclaimed wood, it’s easy to assume we’re talking about a few slats of salvaged floorboards. While that might be true in some cases, most reclaimed wood products aren’t cheap at all. Some even come with hefty price tags and don’t necessarily save you money. The fog mellan plankor reason is not only done reclaimed wood costs more than new lumber but also because it’s actually more expensive than vinyl plank flooring (most popularly sold under Armstrong’s LifeStep brand). So if you need to save money but want a unique look, go with planks made from recycled materials. In doing so, you’ll be making an eco-friendly choice that still looks great in your home or office.

Cost Comparison Between New Wood and Old

Sure, reclaimed wood is priced a bit higher than thin planks from a hardware store. But if you want wood with a story and unique character, it’s worth it to pay more. It will be worth it when you take pride in your home or business. Below are some things to look out for when shopping around

How to Tell the Quality of Your Wood

How to Tell the Quality of Your Wood

Many consumers find reclaimed wood is more expensive than they are willing to pay. They think that they should just buy new wood at a hardware store. The problem with buying new wood, though, is that you will always be faced with uncertainty about how good your wood is. The kind of wooden plankor you choose from can make a huge difference in their quality and price. Here are a few tips to help you get quality: 1) Look at all available options and compare prices before making a purchase 2) Ask around – who would know better than someone who has worked with wooden planks before? 3) Use your hands – get familiar with your wooden planks and see if they feel sturdy

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