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What to do if Wudu breaks during Umrah?

What to do if Wudu breaks during Umrah?

Whenever you want to perform any worship, you have to do Wudu. As in Islam, doing this act is considered good practice for every worship. It is a washing ritual performed to prepare for worship and prayers. Wudu is an Arabic word which implies “the use of water” and it is performed on certain body parts to attain purification.

As Umrah is a recommended pilgrimage to Makkah and this is done in this state of purity. But, what you can do when this action will break during Umrah? Consider this article “What to do if Wudu breaks during Umrah?” to know the right answer. Carefully read this text to confirm that you receive the proper response.

Wudu is necessary for Umrah

As Wudu is considered a good habit for every worship so it is also necessary for Umrah. As you know, Umrah has Ihram, Tawaf, Sa’i and Halq/Taqsir which are the main rituals.

According to scholars of Islam, only Tawaf requires being in a state of purity. As for the other rituals of Umrah, this act is not necessary. Being pure is a requirement for Tawaf to be valid. Tawaf is invalid without purity, just as prayer is invalid without purity.

Ibn Qudamah said:

“Taharah (being pure, having Wudu) is a condition of Tawaf being valid. This is the well-known view of Ahmad, and it is the view of Malik and al-Shafi’i.”

As Tawaf is one of the most important rituals of Umrah. Your Umrah becomes invalid when you perform the Tawaf while ritually impure. The premise is that circumambulation requires ritual purity.

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Wudu breaks during Tawaf

If a person passes the wind or any condition that broke the Wudu while performing Tawaf then doing this act again is compulsory for him. The scholars differ on what to do in the scenario where someone breaks his Wudu during Tawaf and then performs again: should they finish the circles or restart Tawaf?

One should need to make himself pure and start Tawaf again. Although there are differing views among scholars on this subject, this is the correct view about both Tawaf and prayers. As this is also a view of the Imam Shafai.

Condition for bladder problems people

According to scholars, if a person is ill has a bladder problem and is unable to control the wind, he should perform Wudu for the two Rakat of Ihram. Then he asserts that he should make this act once more before offering Tawaf and that it is okay for him and there will be no issue if he breaks Wudu.

Situations that break Wudu

Here are some situations or states that break the act:

  • Passing wind or farting
  • Taking alcohol or drug
  • Touching the private parts
  • Semen
  • Sexual intercourse
  • To be Faint
  • Laugh during the prayers
  • Sleeping
  • Blood coming from any part of the body

Ruling for the person who makes Tawaf by breaking Wudu:

If a person makes a round of Tawaf or full Tawaf and he was not in the state of Wudu then he must slaughter a sheep. In Islam, the person must slaughter a goat, sheep, or one-seventh of a cow or a camel within the Haram’s boundaries in lieu of a specific violation of Tawaf.

Is Wudu necessary for Sa’i?

Having Wudu is not necessary for Sa’i. This is necessary for Tawaf but not compulsory for Sa’i. The four Imams Abu Hanifah, Imam Maalik, Al-Shafai, and Imam Ahmad hold the view that this act is not necessary for Sa’i. However, it is permissible for women who are menstruating to perform Sa’i between Safa and Marwah.

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Benefits of Wudu

Some benefits of this act of purity are discussed below in light of Islam and science both:

  • Blessing of Allah
  • Purity of your body
  • It strengthens you spiritually
  • Sign of Faith
  • Gaining cleanliness
  • Protect you on the day of judgment
  • Removing germs
  • Protection from wrinkles
  • Asking Dua after purity is means of entering Jannah

Importance of Wudu

The act of Wudu is one of the special forms of worship that Allah has bestowed upon Muslims. The Prophet (SAW) engaged in this act of as his very first act of worship as a Muslim.

Muslims must maintain the purity, or self-purification, before engaging in certain significant actions. Muslims cleanse their bodies physically and spiritually through it. The act of washing specific body parts in preparation for worship activities like prayer, touching the Quran while it is being recited, and performing pilgrimage rituals is known as wudu.


It is recommended to do Wudu once you wear Ihram then perform all the main rituals of Umrah. Try to be in a state of purity during the whole Umrah. If your Wudu breaks because of some reason then do it again and perform the specific ritual like Tawaf. In Islam, being in a state of purity is considered purity and cleanliness.

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