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A very beneficial work opportunity in the field of aviation is members of the cabin crew. With the increasing importance and dependence on air travel, the employment possibilities in air travel are growing in the number of jobs and accessibility to a larger section of the population.

A very beneficial work opportunity in the field of aviation is members of the cabin crew. From the convenience of working to security, facilities as well as a decent wage, and additional perks that come with the salary There are plenty of reasons people are looking for jobs in this field. Below are some more in-depth details on the specifics of the job description:

What exactly is a cabin crew?

A cabin crew is often used to refer to flight attendants. This includes the people who accompany passengers on their journey to ensure that the security guidelines are adhered to and the security screenings are in place and that the passengers are secure and enjoyable journey.

The cabin crew consists of air hostesses, flight stewards, or stewardesses who look after the passengers who are on board.

The responsibilities and tasks they perform assist pilots in performing an efficient and safe flight. While the crew can comprise females and males but it is generally recognized that companies prefer females to fill this position over males.

What are the duties of crew members of the Cabin crew?

The obligations of the cabin crew include the following:

  • Conducting pre-flight security checks. This includes ensuring the safety gear and other emergency devices are in good working order and in good condition.
  • They aid in loading baggage, weighing and size of the bag, and ensuring no safe travel is made by passengers.
  • After getting on the plane, the boarding details are checked by them
  • They offer safety guidelines for passengers, check that they’ve got the appropriate safety gear in the correct place, and explain how to use them.
  • They also care for those with special needs, such as children who travel without their parents.
  • When the aircraft has been in the air, they offer beverages and food to passengers.


  • Height

Different airlines have different requirements for height. Most often, the reason behind these standards is safety, but others also have them set to enhance their appearance. The requirements for a height range from 150-185 centimeters.

  • Language

Air attendants are required to be fluent in different languages to assist international travelers. The most popular languages for flight attendants comprise English, Hindi, French, Russian, Spanish, and Mandarin.

  • Training 

In addition to the standards set by the airlines, they provide extensive training for flight attendants to ensure they are aware of security protocols.

The advantages of being a cabin crew

What are the advantages that come with being a member of the cabin crew, other than the ability to travel that does not require tickets? The possibility of traveling around all over the world and not paying any money could be one, however, there are many benefits to being a cabin crew. The cabin crew is rewarded with numerous advantages amid their pay package. Here are a few:

The hours of work are not unlimited

It is rigorously controlled to ensure the overall well-being of its personnel. Because transportation is an essential service and the air travel industry is a delicate issue which is why the health and well-being of the crew are prioritized. In the same way, the hours of work for members of the crew in cabins are set to ensure that they do not suffer from fatigue. For instance, Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA stipulates that pilots fly only a specific quantity of horses ( eight) in a day.

Gathering with people

Even though every job involves meeting individuals, the cabin crew gives similar experiences but in greater quantity and greater depth. On the plane, you get to meet people from every sphere of life, from influencers to businessmen and actors, to celebrities as well as sportsmen and politicians. A lot of these interactions will be a permanent impression on you. The ability to meet people is an advantage of the job, but it isn’t mentioned in the contract.

Excellent package

The compensation package offered to cabin crew is quite attractive. The compensation that cabin crew employees earn is more than the average for all workers. In addition, they also get pensions and health benefits.


A job as a cabin staff can be very appealing due to the benefits of retirement that certain airlines offer to the crew. For instance, the airlines within the United Kingdom and Virgin Atlantic offer a pension in form of a Group Personal Pension Plan that participants pay their pensions out of their wages, but the funds in the bank are sufficient to warrant a complaint.

Free travel and discounted tickets

What can we forget is that cabin crew members get to travel all over the world for free without having to pay one cent? It is possible to visit destinations that the plane travels to and discover different cuisines, countries, and other cultural traditions. Isn’t that enough? The adventure isn’t over yet as there are discounts available on tickets that take you to destinations you want to go to as a guest!

The perks of a lavish lifestyle as a cabin crew are appealing to those who are considering the possibilities for their careers!


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