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What is more important on Instagram: followers or likes?

All the people who publish posts on Instagram want more likes on their posts, and their followers also keep increasing. But have you ever considered whether you should prioritize followers or likes? 

In this blog, I am going to give you the answer to this question too, with reasons. So you will read it till the end. This article is short, but by reading it you will get the answer to your question.

The difference between followers and likes

There is a big difference between followers and likes. Followers are those who have followed your page. When you post any content, they see it on your timeline. And he can see all your content. 

When people like a post, they like it by double-clicking on it. It is not necessary that if someone likes your post, then they follow your account or will. because he/she may have liked only one post on your account and not the rest. More followers or likes show that people like your content.

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Why don’t you get more likes even after having more followers?

If you have more followers but less engagement on your posts, then there can be many reasons for this. If you think that your content is good, then most of your followers may be inactive. 

That means they have created an account but they do not use it. This will only show more followers on your profile but will not increase the engagement on your posts.

Both are important for growth on Instagram

Is it more important to have followers or likes? The answer to your question is both. You need to grow both to grow on Instagram. Because if your content is really informative or entertaining, then you’ll get noticed by many users.

If you are followed by more people but get fewer comments and shares on your posts, then those followers will not be of any use to you. And more likes come on your post, but your followers do not increase, so somewhere you need to change your content a little more.


If you have read the entire blog, then you must have come to know how important both followers and likes are to growing on Instagram. And if you do not get more followers and likes, then I have a solution for this too. 

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