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Top 7 Lifestyle Brands to Work with

We know you have been dreaming of becoming a world-class influencer. The kind that inspires others. You have been following your favorite lifestyle influencers and bloggers, observing their content, and imagining yourself to be on that same stature one day. Well, guess what? Today is your lucky day. We have researched and got the top lifestyle brands for you. These brands are looking for influencers to collaborate with. One of their prerequisites is someone who resonates with the brand.

Keep reading if you think you have what it takes to make it to their influencer list.

Top 7 top lifestyle brands that are a dream to work with

Influencer marketing is enjoying an all-time rise this year. With the advent of social media and its humungous impact on making or breaking a brand, it is evident that brands are eyeing influencers. Have a look at the list of lifestyle brands and their influencer program:

  1. Divine White Magic

The brand is as unique as the work it does. It centers around spirituality, tarot reading, astrology, and numerology. It provides customised artwork that helps align the individual with their higher self. The art pieces are breathtakingly beautiful. Interested parties can even ask for a private tarot reading and see what lies ahead in their future.

The brand is actively looking for lifestyle influencers to collaborate with. The influencer will get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get their private tarot reading done. You can share that reading and all you learned with your followers. It gets better. You will get a whopping 33 percent of the commission on the sales made through your link.

  1. Walbrook – Sustainable Home & Kitchen Pieces

Here is a lifestyle brand that makes your dream of a beautiful home come true. Add a touch of charm and grace to your place without drilling a hole in your savings. The brand believes in a sustainable product manufacturing approach and looks for influencers from the same school of thought.

The pieces are durable and will last you a long time. Under their influencer program, they are interested in working with influencers who believe in eco-friendly and sustainable living. The collaborators will get a 5 percent commission on every purchase made through their link. Walbrook is one of the top lifestyle brands and will increase your presence on social media many folds.

  1. The Gray Tassel- Decor Pieces for your Modern Home

Talk about a great home decor brand. To give your place the “it-feels-good-to-be-home” sense, find lovely décor items.

Get embedded in a beautiful Scandinavian feel with their collection of blankets and rugs. Organize your area with their handcrafted pieces for practical storage that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics. And enhance your bathroom with decorative touches like contemporary soap dishes made of concrete in calming hues that perfectly match your design style.

Collaborating with them is a dream come true for any lifestyle blogger. They have a great influencer program in which the influencer will receive 10 percent of the commission on the sales made through the given link.

  1. Peach K-Pop- The Ultimate K-pop Destination

This is one of the most fun brands out there. K-pop, or Korean pop, has become more than just a song genre. It has taken a life of its own. People want more and more from this trend. Peach K -pop has everything a fan would love to make their wishes come true. Do you want the latest album of your favorite k-pop artist along with their photocards? Peach K-pop has it. The store is a paradise for a k-pop enthusiast.

If you are a lifestyle influencer, k-pop fan and wish to garner more followers who enjoy listening to their favorite Korean artists as much as you do then sign up for the influencer program of one of the top lifestyle brands.

Get in touch with their representatives and register for the collaboration. Every influencer will receive 10 percent of the commission.

  1. Leafy Covers- Eco-friendly Phone Cases

Everyone has a smartphone these days. While the model of the phone may be the same, the outer cover can be different. At last, eco-friendly, beautiful smartphone covers are now available. Leafy Covers’ understated design elements and soft hues will make you fall in love with cases you never thought you could. These gorgeous covers are manufactured from bamboo fiber and come in various colors, including Cantaloupe, Mint Green, and Arctic Blue. It doesn’t get much more wonderful than this for safeguarding the world and your phone.

The customers also receive free customization and a wide selection of trendy fonts. These cases not only meet sustainability requirements but also satisfy all aesthetic criteria, guaranteeing unstoppable success on your social network. The interested influencer will receive $10 for every sale made, along with a free phone cover.

  1. Field Candy

Do you call yourself a digital nomad? Does your heart rate increase with excitement at the thought of an adventure? Do you dream of starlit nights more than you do of cars? Then this collaboration is for you. Field Candy is looking for adventure junkies who love to go on backpacking trips and have a connection with nature. If you think you fit the mold, sign up for their outdoor ambassador marketing program. Have the time of your life exploring the wilderness in all its glory while getting paid for it. This cannot get better than this.

  1. Sand Cloud

Do you love the ocean and marine ecosystems as much as Sand Cloud? Then reach out to them for their influencer marketing program. The brand is highly conscious of the marine ecosystem and makes sustainable products and looks like a piece of art.

As their collaborator, you will be asked to showcase their sustainable products on your platform and discuss the importance of marine conservation.

Final Thoughts

Top lifestyle brands are lining up to sign influencers for their branding. Level up your marketing game by getting in touch with them and scoring a once-in-a-lifetime partnership.


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