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Top 10 Things to do in Goa – Hot Air Balloon In Goa

Hot Air Balloon In Goa :-Goa is famous all over the world because of its fun loving people, beautiful beaches and exciting activities like water sports, shopping, sightseeing and various others. There are many water sports that you can enjoy in Goa but if you want to be adventurous then you should try hot air ballooning which gives the best experience of flying in a basket suspended from the hot air balloon in Goa  above the lush green landscape of Goa. You can also enjoy cruises in Goa.

#1 Visit Anjuna Market

Goa is well known for its beach culture, but it’s also a great place for foodies and shopaholics. If you visit Anjuna Market on a Sunday morning, you’ll be blown away by all of your options—from fresh seafood, to vibrant fruit and vegetables, to designer clothes and jewelry. The market is very well organized—stalls are set up in neat rows and sections so that you can easily navigate through everything on offer.

#2 Take a day trip to Miramar Beach

One of our favorite activities is taking a day trip from Panjim on a ferry boat. The views are stunning, and there are several little islands you can reach by boat or even kayak. You can spend all day at Miramar Beach, eating at outdoor cafes, swimming, and meeting locals. It’s not one of Goa’s top tourist destinations but one of our personal favorites. (Hot Air Balloon in Goa)

#3 Walk Through Old Goa

Walking tours are a great way to familiarize yourself with a city, especially one as historic as Old Goa. They offer an intimate perspective on architecture and history and bring communities together. If you can’t make it to Goa, try something similar in your own hometown! Start at an interesting landmark and walk from there through nearby neighborhoods and alleyways. Some cities also have free walking tour apps.

#4 Indulge In Local Culture at Saligao Fado Music Festival

Held at Setu, a Portuguese village close to Panjim, Goa, Saligao Fado Music Festival draws tourists and locals alike. This event is held annually during Christmas time and boasts of an impressive line-up of renowned fado singers. You can easily get there by hiring a car or booking a taxi/cab. For those who cannot afford it, you can catch a train or bus from Panjim which will drop you nearby.

#5 Enjoy The View From Above with a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Situated on India’s western coast, Goa is home to some truly spectacular sights and natural landmarks. To truly experience what makes Goa so special, however, it’s worth taking a ride with Hot Air Balloons In Goa. A hot air balloon ride will allow you an amazing bird’s-eye view of one of India’s most picturesque landscapes – which can be both thrilling and relaxing at once.

#6 Shop for antiques and textiles at Oarsman Restaurant

Located within easy walking distance of many tourist attractions, including Palolem Beach, Oarsman Restaurant features antiques and vintage goods from across India. For those interested in learning more about India’s textiles and other handicrafts, Oarsman also offers a large selection of exquisite fabrics, including silk from Bengaluru and cottons from Maharashtra, for purchase.

#7 Stroll Through Dona Paula Beach

Take a stroll through Dona Paula Beach, which is located in northern Panjim. Adjacent to where you’ll find some of Hotel Mandovi’s prime restaurants, it’s perhaps one of the most picturesque beaches in Goa. Hire a scooter or take a stroll along its lovely shoreline at sunset—where you can also catch views of planes taking off from nearby Dabolim Airport. You may also spot sea turtles laying eggs on occasion.

#8 Sip On A Cocktail Under The Stars At Little Buddha Beach Club

They have special events and musical performances, too! At Little Buddha Beach Club, you can sip on your favorite cocktail under the stars and dance with friends until late at night. It’s also a nice setting for romantic couples. The best part about it? The view of Savoi Verecunda which is breathtakingly beautiful during sunrise or sunset. You will love watching how light brightens up many things around you while enjoying a drink in hand.

#9 Catch a flight on Dabolim Airport’s Tandem Skydiving Program

Take a flight and do a skydive over Miramar Beach, one of India’s most pristine beaches. Jumping out of a plane at 14,000 feet with an expert instructor is not for everyone, but you’ll be glad you did it. Dabolim Airport offers tandem skydives from 9:30am until 3:30pm daily with rates starting at 5500 INR for single jumps.

#10 Indulge in the Health Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage at Om Ganesh Ayurvedic Healing Center.

If you’re staying at hotels, day spas are commonplace. If you’re renting a house or villa, it might be more difficult—but not impossible—to arrange for massage sessions on your schedule. While massage may seem like an indulgence, it can actually relieve stress and tension in tight muscles and improve overall health. It is also an integral part of Ayurvedic medicine, which is rooted in India.

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