Tips for Maintaining your Medical Devices

The health and wellbeing of your patients is always going to be your highest priority, and one of the important things that you need to do in order to ensure their safety is keeping your medical devices maintained. Good medical device companies will offer services to maintain any devices that you have purchased from them, as they will want to encourage a long life for the products they sell and provide you with satisfaction and assurance that they have your best interest at heart.

There are, of course, multiple ways that your devices should be maintained for optimal performance and safety, so have a read below to learn more about what steps should be taken to protect the longevity of your equipment.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance helps extend the life of your equipment and minimises downtime. Being proactive also helps keep your equipment working reliably.

In order to keep medical devices in working order,  Preventive Maintenance should be either completed on a Calendar-based or Utilisation-based schedule.

Meaning either, on a set date or after a set number of hours, cycles or treatments. Over the years, it’s important to adhere to a proprietary system and schedule of maintenance that keeps your medical equipment in working order.

If you currently have or acquire any equipment that has not been used in over a year, it is also advisable to have it tested prior to use. The longer a medical device sits unused, the more likely it is that there is some sort of damage caused by a lack of use that cannot be seen externally.

So testing and maintaining this device ensures that the next time it is used, you can guarantee that nothing is wrong with it. Equipment should be tagged and clearly marked after maintenance is performed to identify the date, and the date when the equipment will require testing and maintenance again.


Generally, it’s going to be a requirement that any facility which utilises medical devices equipment must demonstrate compliance with the Work Health and Safety Act. This includes all medical practices, hospitals, dental offices, and many other applicable organisations.

Whether you have just one device or thousands in your facility, testing and maintenance must be performed on each item. Which is why it is a beneficial idea to buy your equipment from medical devices companies who will offer to maintain your purchased devices on behalf of your business. 

There are many specific tests that may be performed to ensure your equipment meets all performance specifications, some of which are as follows:

  • Inspection
  • Demonstration
  • Test
  • Analysis

Corrective Maintenance

Even the best preventative maintenance plans won’t allow you to avoid the need for the occasional repair. However, by entrusting the same company that manufactured your equipment with the necessary repairs, you’ll have a team with professional experience repairing these devices who is available on request

Making sure that your devices are repaired by professionals is essential to guarantee satisfactory outcomes. Choose medical device companies who employ qualified electrical, mechanical and industry tradespersons to ensure the job will be correctly diagnosed and repaired in accordance with the rigorous Australian compliance standards.


As you can see, maintaining your medical devices is essential within your industry. Both for the protection of your patients, and the reputability of your company as well. So if you are concerned that some of your devices may need repair, get in contact with a repair team to have them assessed and maintained.

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