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The Many Benefits of Wood Plastic Composite Decking

If you’re in the market for new decking, you may have heard the term Wood Plastic Composite thrown around and might be wondering exactly what it means. After all, there are tons of options out there to choose from, so how can you be sure that this one material is the right one for your project? In this guide on wood plastic composite decking we’ll take you through everything from its many benefits to what specifically makes it special. We’ll also cover some popular installation methods to help get you started on building your next big backyard project!

What is WPC?

Wood plastic composite decking is a material that incorporates both wood and plastics for a more durable finish. With an average lifespan twice as long as that of a traditional wood deck, komposittrall längder are the ideal solution for homeowners who want to enjoy the natural beauty and durability of wood without worrying about routine maintenance. The composite materials used in this type of deck also make it light weight, waterproof, and resistant to mold or mildew.

Why Choose WPC?

Why Choose WPC?

Wood plastic composite decking is superior to both wood and plastic decking in terms of longevity and environmental friendliness, two things that homeowners often consider to be very important. In addition, hardwood decking is harder on the feet than traditional plastic or composite deck boards which can be a major plus for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors.


Wood plastic composite decking is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a product that will last a lifetime. Unlike wood decking, wood plastic composite can withstand extreme weather conditions, like high winds, heavy rains, and snow. It also resists insect damage and rot due to its durable composition. Wood plastic composite is ideal for exterior spaces because it has low maintenance requirements, unlike other materials such as aluminum or steel. It also provides an aesthetically pleasing look while being environmentally friendly and sustainable.



Wood decking is a popular alternative to plastic decking and is generally made from natural hardwood. Wood decks are more expensive than composite, but they require less maintenance as they last much longer. With the right care, wood decks can last up to 50 years! Plastic decking is a cheaper alternative to wood and doesn’t require any care.

Low Cost

Wood plastic composite decking can be a cost-effective option for homeowners that are looking to replace their old, outdated wood decks. Compared to traditional wood decking, wood plastic komposittrall can last as long as 25 years or more without the need for refinishing or painting. As an added bonus, this type of decking is very easy to maintain and typically requires no more than twice-a-year cleaning with soap and water.

Looks & Aesthetics

Looks & Aesthetics

Wooden decking has a natural and beautiful look that will never go out of style. It is also highly customizable, with the ability to be stained or painted in any color imaginable. Plus, it comes with a variety of different designs to suit your tastes. If you are looking for something more modern, you can get WPC decking in a sleek black or white finish. Durability: The plastic used in the composite helps provide durability while maintaining its natural appearance.

Maintenance: The composite material resists both water absorption as well as corrosion so there’s no need to worry about it becoming worn down over time like regular wooden decks do. Weather-proof: Unlike wooden decks, WPC decks are waterproof! So don’t worry about rainy days making your home slippery anymore because this type of deck stays safe from water damage caused by rain.

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