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The best treks in Bangalore


Bangalore will continue to be a favorite choice for working and young people. It is not well-known that the city has many excellent trekking routes. Below are nine popular trekking spots that are within easy reach of Bangalore. Trekkers recommend that all trekkers visit this location during their time in Bangalore. You should try these ten exciting activities in Bangalore.

People visit Wine Tasting in Wineries & Vineyards in bangalore, which are very beautiful.

You can climb many peaks in Bangalore to enjoy a beautiful view. Many people are searching for the best trekking spots near Bangalore. If you are not from Bangalore, do you feel guilty about asking your friends for suggestions?

Below are some of the most popular trekking spots, close to Bangalore, that are well-known among trekkers. This list is for those who just want to escape the concrete jungle of their city.


Tipu Sultan lived in Nandi Hills as his summer home.

This exotic spot is known for its stunning sunset views and difficult hiking routes. You can visit Tipu Sultan’s summer home after climbing 1200 steps. Tipu’s Drop, a well-known granite protrusion, is another popular tourist attraction. The stunning views of Amrita Sarovar are a reason to visit this area.


Makalidurga, with its numerous wild bushes and greenery, is one of the most challenging hiking routes near Bangalore. It is located approximately 75 km from Bangalore. Makalidurga is a wonderful place for adventurers, with its tranquil surroundings and winding roads. This is a beautiful spot for photography. The temple of Lord Krishna, located at the top of the hills, is also available for visitors. Many hikers find themselves drawn to the sites of these abandoned forts.

Trek to Anthargange for cave exploration

The location boasts stunning views and a 3-kilometer leisurely hike through small hills, caverns, and stones. Because of the many caves, overnight camping is popular on this difficult trek. Trekkers can start their adventure tour by taking a thrilling road trip approximately 80 km from Bangalore.

Madhugiri: A Popular Trekking Location

This is the second-largest single-lithic rock in Bangalore, after Savanagiri. It’s also one of the most unique places to hike. The hike takes about an hour and features some difficult sections. You can explore the remains of the Gopalakrishna temple once you reach the top.

Discover the largest Monoliths on Savandurga Hill

The beautiful location offers intermediate trekkers an easy route to intermediate trekking and stunning views along its two well-known trails, Kariguda and Billiguda. You can also visit the medieval fort of Kempegowda on the route. Nighttime hiking is one of the most popular attractions at this location, located 70 km from Bangalore.

Mesmerising Trek Views: Channarayana Durga

This stunning location blends the best of both rural hill country with exhilarating hiking stretches. You can also examine various herbs and shrubs on your way to discover their healing properties. The Ancient Maratha Fort is located at the top, an important historical structure. When choosing a trekking route, you should be careful.

Trekking in Ramanagara’s “silk city”

Ramanagara has located 50 km from the main town and is one of the most sought-after trekking spots. This route is loved by all who hike, beginners and experts alike. Tourists love to visit the area because of its natural beauty and silk market. You can find moderately difficult to very challenging trekking routes in this area, with many attractions such as fishing in the Kanva, pitch climbing, and the Janapada Loka Reservoir.

Skandagiri – A Place of Spiritual Energy

It is easy to access Chikballapur, Nandi Hills, and Bangalore. Expert hikers prefer this route, Kalavara Durga. This area is perfect for strolling and enjoying the stunning grandeur of the region, as well as the two caverns that are scattered along the route.

Devarayanadurga is a deep jungle trek.

Devarayanadurga’s main attraction is Sri Bhoga Narasimha Swamy’s cave celebration. This attracts many visitors during March and April. The top is home to the Yoga Narasimha Temple. You may also come across a grotto containing god statues as you walk along the path. During the trek, you can also take advantage of natural hot springs such as substantial and sustained Chile.

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