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Some Top Icebreakers for Your Online Townhall Meetings

Planning to organize some online town hall meetings? Before that,  did one ever imagine a boss wearing pajamas during a conference or a pet snoring in a discussion with colleagues or neighbors peeking into the room during an important meeting? This becomes possible due to the developed virtual meeting technology which have led to various exceptional online meeting platforms for large groups, like Mixhubb. Virtual meetings fairly made the dreams come true of not going to the office and still can earn money.

But the dilemma lives in virtual meetings as well, employees are not able to focus, and some of them are lost in daydreaming, some are accomplishing other work and the result is boring and feeble, unproductive, and inefficient meetings which led to the loss of millions for companies. Antidotes to these issues comprise fun and fascinating ice breakers. These ice breakers will help even introverts to come out of their shell, they will break the communication barriers among colleagues, will exhilarate a person to join meetings, and will reduce the percentage of daydreamers. Icebreakers will break the monotonous work schedule and will energize colleagues toward their work.



Trivia is a game in which team members race to see who can be the first to answer questions about insignificant facts of history, popular culture, art, and so, science. People love fun trivia questions because they permit them to get out of the regular workday and learn more about current events or pop culture from coworkers. This helps to reintroduce an aspect of team bonding and personalization that so many people feel is missing from online meetings. 

Two Truths and a Lie

This icebreaker will let teammates know each other in a joyful way. Teammates will prepare the chits of two truths and a lie and will then let other teammates decide which one is a lie, the one with the most correct voters will win.

Remember to ask about the backstory behind every fact to start a fruitful conversation.

Sketch And Doodle

Let the small kid come back from childhood to draw, paint, and have a real smile. Let the creativity flow through the hands to the drawing sheet. Draw something together such as something which depicts mood, current life situations, etc. then ask everyone to show their doodles. Have a chit-chat with everyone about their sketches and enjoy the time.

Best And Worst Moment Of The Month

“The  strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson

Collaboration asks for helping colleagues, inside office as well as outside the office, it also requires understanding among teammates in making the project, work, and life success. At the start of the meeting, questions can be about the accomplishments of the past week or month, celebrating the achievements of colleagues is another way of lifting the spirit. It will not help just in celebrating wins but also helps in losses, at the end the “I’m screwed” moments can be begged.

Show Your Picture

In this, a person can be asked to show their pictures of the weekend or the last picture in their gallery. A bit of discussion can happen on the behind story of the pictures. It is a sweet, little activity to develop a beautiful bond between people

Guess The Name

In a group where the teammates do not know each other, this could be a fun way of getting to know everyone. Ask  teammates to offer a clue, instead of just displaying their name or  introducing themselves.

Spin The Wheel

Virtual meeting technology has reached another level nowadays. One can make and play games at the same time and spin the wheel is one such game. Any team member can create this wheel and can prepare the list of dares on every stop of the wheel. If team members know each other very well, they can put hardcore dares on them. This will create thrilling wibes among the members. It also builds engagement through suspense and a fun environment in the meeting.

Desert Island Inventory

This icebreaker asks the person to imagine that they are wandering on a desert island and it’s all surrounded by sand. Nothing is there. What will be the first thing they will carry to that place? It can be anything, a person, a pet, an object, etc.


There are certain points one needs to keep in mind while planning the ice breakers for online town hall meetings. It is important to know what time zones members are in, their geographical location, interests. These aspects decide the level of participation. Secondly, the time period should be decided for each ice breaker; do not dedicate all  time to one icebreaker or only to icebreakers.

Also, members may be coming from unique cultural backgrounds so keeping in mind everyone’s perspective is important so that no one feels left in the cold. Assessing everyone’s thoughts and perspectives will enhance the participation of people from different backgrounds. Group size also makes a difference in this activity as there is the ideal group size i.e. of 15-20 people if it is a large group, one can break it down into subgroups. Finally inform the participants in advance so that they can have time to prepare a little bit and help to build excitement in the group. Enjoy these activities with  friends, colleagues, and group partners, and make the workload a little lighter.

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