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Some Different Flavors of India Places

A country where you can find the treasure of entertainment, culture, tradition & architecture at one time. You will find here the mixture of many languages, colours & places. East to west and north to south every direction of India is full from the different flavors of entertainment and fun. You can pick your destinations or places as per your choices. Every person wants to visit and explore the places as per their choices because it’s not possible to treat equally everyone’s thinking and choices.

Somebody likes mountains, lakes, nature beauty & more, then on same time somebody likes to explore the architecture historical places that holds some history of past. So you can also decide to visit as you want. But while you are visiting to India then this country will never disappoint you. So here I am sharing some mixture or places that will give you some different flavour while you are visiting India Places.


Once known to the West as ‘Golden Goa’. Since the 1960s, many young people from all over the world have gathered in Goa, the hippie mecca. In addition, Goa has many fishing ports, so you can enjoy the local seafood.

There are about 20 beaches in Goa, but Palolem Beach in South Goa is to be the most beautiful. There are many hotels, from moderately priced hotels to slightly more expensive resorts, perfect for those who want to fully enjoy the resort atmosphere!

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Hampi was once the capital of the Vijayanagar Kingdom. It was conquered by Islamic forces in the 16th century and was forgotten by the people for a long time, but was rediscovered during the British rule. In 1986 there are many Hindu temples on the land of 5 km square.

Hampi is not only a tourist destination with ruins, but also a wonderful landscape created by palm and banana trees and huge rocks. It’s a town with a calm atmosphere, so it’s also recommended to spend a leisurely time.


This is one of the world heritage sites in Mumbai. “Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Station (former name: Victoria Terminus Station).With its palace-like appearance, it is a station with high historical value that represents Gothic architecture. It was designed by Stevens, an Englishman during the Great Britain Era, and completed in 1887 after 10 years. Among Mumbai’s gothic architecture, it is overwhelmed by its majestic appearance anyway. Moreover, I am surprised that it is still active.


“Darjeeling” at an altitude of 2134m. It is a place famous for its fragrant and delicious tea, but it is actually a city with many other attractions. Views of the beautiful Himalayan Mountains and the intricate chaotic alleyways. You can enjoy Indian and Tibetan cuisine, and the mountain railway is also running as a “world heritage you can ride”


Aurangabad is located 350km northeast of Mumbai. The Ellora Caves can be visited starting from the city. The Ellora Caves are a World Cultural Heritage site with Buddhist temples (7th to 8th centuries), Hindu temples (7th to 9th centuries) and Jain temples (8th to 10th centuries) stretching 2 km from north to south. The colonnade-like structure of the temples made of rocks is not only impressive, but also the artistic carvings created by many religions in competition with each other.


One of the oldest and most religious destination of India where you can feel religious atmosphere at every corner of the city. This city is situated on the bank of holy river Ganga. Lord Shiva specially blessing this city. Most popular kashi Vishwanath temple is here people comes there to do the darshan at this temple. Apart from all beauty of Ghats in Varanasi will really makes you happy. Local streets with older buildings narrow roads with crowded shops will also feel you more religious.

So in this beautiful country you get something new to explore by visiting to every corner of India. All the places deserve and holds a unique property they could be related to some historical story, religious places, they can be something mixture of beaches, hill station and romantic places. Once you are travelling to this country then be ready to experience something new with every steps of your feets.


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