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Social Media Marketing Tips for Artists

In recent years, social media has opened up new audiences for artists worldwide. Instagram is especially popular with visual artists, who use it to build their followings and possibly find collectors. The following tips will help you learn how to promote yourself and art on Instagram in an actionable way.

Become known to others

As you are surely aware by this point, collectors frequently base their purchases not only on the artwork itself but also on the artist. Having your own website with a bio is a fantastic place to start, but you can use social media tools to provide regular and more in-depth glances into your personality and lifestyle for potential customers. Jane Freeman is a nature painter, and her daily contemplative Facebook updates on her surroundings demonstrate her love of nature and her lyrical worldview, which underpin her artwork. In a similar vein, frequent updates on your artistic endeavours on your professional Facebook and LinkedIn sites will help others get to know you.

Celebrate your successes

Another fantastic feature of social networking platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn is their immediacy, which makes them the ideal way to establish your reputation by sharing significant achievements like awards, commissions, and media attention as soon as they occur. Find innovative ways to get past the fact that “bragging” could make you uncomfortable. Although it was understated, it’s understandable that prospective purchasers were thrilled to learn that the painting had also won a gold award, increasing its worth.

Market your artwork

Of course, when you finish new pieces, you should upload them to your website, but don’t pass up the chance to “push” your most recent pieces to potential customers with posts on Facebook or LinkedIn or by pinning them to your Pinterest board. Since the vast majority of social media users are quiet watchers, or spectators, as they have been nicknamed by Groundswell authors Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, you never know who might be looking at your sites for fine art. Numerous artists claim that these viewers frequently become customers. Even better, your chances of getting gallery representation increase the more you can show that you have a continuous track record of selling paintings on your own.

Engage your audience

As an artist, only photos that correspond to your image should be displayed. Your Instagram followers will love seeing your work in progress, final images, inspirations, and other life events. Besides sharing your art, Instagram is also a place for brands and everyday life. Show studio shots that show what accessories you are using along with inspirations, achievements, in-progress work, and inspirational photos. For example, you could show your followers about magnifying lights for miniature, brushes, desks, tables, and so forth if you were a miniature artist.

Find inspiration in others

Participating in social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, or DeviantArt has several advantages, including exchanging stories, sharing trade secrets, enjoying other people’s creations, and reviving your motivation when it wanes. These, however, go beyond merely enriching oneself. You may consistently produce your finest work by being inspired and knowledgeable, which will certainly result in more sales at greater prices. Social networking is therefore not just for enjoyment—it is also a clever art business. Thanks for reading this get more info and the latest news on pucmuk

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