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Reduce Appointment Hiccups with Dental Scheduling Software

Dental practices have always had to deal with patient cancellations and missed appointments. It is an unfortunate component of the modern-day dental practice. Scheduling software for dentists can eliminate some of those issues. While there are many issues dental practices cannot control:

  • Traffic
  • Delayed Meetings
  • Car Trouble
  • Patient Memory
  • Failed Phone Reminders on Patient’s Phone

Appointment scheduling is one of the most common activities among all dental practices and yet it is the most difficult to manage efficiently. With a dental appointment system, the typical issues can be easily managed. While not every problem can be eliminated, using an automated scheduling system can make the process far more efficient. This not only makes the office more productive but improves the patient’s experience.

Reminders and Confirmations

Gone are the days of having staff call patients to remind them about their upcoming appointment. What used to take hours to complete, now is an automated process by the dental appointment system. Appointment reminder cards are no longer needed either.

Now, with automated reminders, patients can receive a text reminder about their upcoming appointment. These can be sent out at predetermined intervals prior to the appointment. It also allows them to confirm they received the message and that they are planning on coming. 

Not only that, but patients can reschedule their appointments via text as well. The system updates the new appointment date and time and cancels the original one. This allows staff to fill the open appointment time with another patient, improving efficiency in appointment management.

Optimizing Front Desk Operations

As most every dental practice knows, the front desk is the busiest place in the office. It is also one area in which automation can improve functionality. Patients come to the front desk for information when they check-in and to make payments following their appointment.

In an office operating a paper filing system, front desk staff have to:

  • Call to Confirm Appointments
  • Track Appointment Status
  • Create Checklists
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Accept Payments

Adopting a dental booking system can automate many of these activities, allowing office staff a higher level of productivity and efficiency. 

Automate Appointment Scheduling

With scheduling software for dentists, patients can schedule their own appointments by going to your dental practice’s website. This means, staff does not even have to be involved to schedule appointments. That is a huge time saver for the patient, as well as, office staff. This frees them up to do other tasks. Patients can set up the type and frequency of appointment reminders they want to receive too. This increases patient satisfaction which improves patient retention rate.

Whether your dental practice is new to the digital game or a wily veteran, scheduling software for dentists is a necessity in today’s digital office. Increasing office productivity and efficiency through automation can not only help in patient satisfaction but office staff satisfaction. Gone are the frustrations of operating in multiple systems and doing things manually. Reach out to us today.

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