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Must-Have Skills to be a Business-Driven Graphic Designer in 2022

Graphic designing is one of the most important and integral parts of the overall branding process. One of the many mistakes that most people make while getting their branding is done, they do not give much importance to this area. This is where they fail massively. The other mistake that we have seen most people making is they do not follow the said and important guidelines of designing. If you are still following the 2018 design guidelines for your 2022 designs, we have bad news for you. You have to make sure you are trendy and you know all the ins and outs of the new designs and strategies.

The moment you fall behind you will realize how big of a mistake you have made. There is a set of guidelines that people have to follow in order to ensure they are making the right designs that are in accordance with the process and people are aware of it. Trends are important to follow however you have to ensure what aligns with your brand. In order to be the best graphic designer on your team, you should have a few skills that differentiate you from the others.

Here we will explain what technical and soft skills can get you to the top. We will divide the skill set into two different kinds of skills, technical and soft skills. Well, I was looking for someone to make me a logo I looked for the following skills.

Technical Skills

The brands are looking for versatility in graphic designing, particularly those who have technical abilities. The ones with the technical abilities always stand out and hit the ground running. Following are a few of the many desirable technical skills that we think a graphic designer MUST have.

a) Typography

People often take this skill as very basic and do not give much of importance to it at all. But as a graphic designer, it is important for you to know how to arrange all the words and letters in a more appealing and attractive way.

b) Selection of Font

Font selection is again one important part of the overall typography, font type, weight, size, and everything affects the design appearance and has a grave influence on the way people understand or perceive the message. It is therefore imperative for a person to choose a font that is appropriate and attractive for every project.

c) Follow brand guidelines

Each and every brand has a few guidelines that they need to follow in order to understand how the audience will see your brand. To be successful in the industry, it is important for you to follow the brand guidelines closely. Designers who do not give much of importance to the guidelines often end up making revisions again and again only for them to be rejected for this very reason.

d) Design Principles

How can you forget the basic principles of designs? The designers that are successful are well aware of the basic designing rules such as the use of white space, hierarchy, and the use of the right color. The other important element to keep in mind is that all the other principles are properly aligned too in the designs.

e) CMYK and RGB

If you are looking for a professional logo design service it is important you choose someone who knows how to select the perfect color for each project. For all the print projects there is no better color than CYMK on the other hand when you talk about digital designs, you must go for RGB.

f) UX Designs

You want the designs and everything that your customers like and adore. The more your designs are user-friendly the more your customers would be attracted to them and would want to use them. Those who are skilled and well aware of the whole idea know how to meet the established accessibility guidelines.

g) Digital Technology

The overall technological skills are very helpful particularly when you plan the whole website design or maybe work as a visual designer as well. If you want to grow upwards, there is no better way to grow than to learn how to be digital and exciting in the digital world.

h) Photography skills

You would think they are not very important and it is just photography how big of a difference could it make? But photography skills and photo editing skills are very important. There may have some time that would need you to incorporate photos in your graphic design. Therefore, it is imperative for the designer to know the editing of the photos. The more perfect you think you are in it, the better it will be.

Soft Skills

Now that we have discussed about the important technical skills that your graphic designer needs for a professional logo design, let us talk about how your soft skills can highlight your work. These trails help in effective communication, and efficiently collaborating with others to build strong and positive relationships.

a) Collaboration Skills

It is very important for a person to have strong collaboration skills as it makes the whole work easier for both parties to continue the working relationship in the pursuit of the common goal. It is the skill that does not only help a person in their professional life but massively improves his/ her personal relationships as well.

b) Communication Skills

Again, this is one of the important skills that every person should possess in order to ensure they are carrying their relationship effectively. It is important for the graphic designer to be good at communicating with clients, colleagues, and everyone literally. Everybody looks for a person who knows how to send the right message across.

c) Time Management

We cannot imagine the importance that this skill has in your life. The more you know how to manage the overall time the more you will have more authority over your life and tasks. The whole job of graphic designing is a deadline-driven profession; therefore, it is extremely important for a person to know how to manage it effectively.


Bruce Murphy is a freelance designer and illustrator. Bruce Specializes in UI/UX, concepts, branding, identity and 2D/3D animations. He Works with companies, agencies and startups around the world.

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