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Have Your Own Crypto Cashback Platform Like StormX

They are all aware that the cryptocurrency industry is thriving over the world. Make the initial step toward creating a cryptocurrency cashback reward scheme. Instead of incurring the risk of writing it from scratch, a ready-to-use Stormx Clone Script will suffice.

In addition to cashback, the business is getting the attention of crypto fans by making the StormX operating system more flexible. The industry has paid a lot of attention to StormX, and it has raised more than $30 million.

What Exactly Is StormX?

StormX is a cryptocurrency cashback reward network in which users may earn rewards and cashbacks with each transaction. Enhancing StormX’s capabilities also piques the interest of crypto enthusiasts. Finally, StormX has piqued the industry’s interest and raised more than $30 million.

What Is a StormX Clone?

StormX clone is a ready-to-use bitcoin cashback app solution that enables businesses to establish cryptocurrency cashback and incentives applications quickly. It has built-in functionality and a business plan to help you create a successful crypto rewards network. Before we go into the idea of creating a StormX-like software, let’s go through the fundamentals.

Why Should You Start A StormX Clone?

Smartphone usage is increasing by the day, and practically everyone owns one. Though the reasons for using them vary from simple shopping to buying a product, the reality that they have become a vital element cannot be ignored. The globe has gone completely digital, and so has our economy.

So creating a mobile application is the ideal option for gaining some potential consumers and entering the crypto-based retail business. Many entrepreneurs, like you, have leaped into establishing this crypto cashback company as download rates and mobile users have increased.

StormX Clone Procedure

Some basic methods to learn how StormX Clone works. 

  1. Like many seller e-commerce venues, the app administrator will be linked to several merchants online.
  2. The administrator receives a commission every time a consumer purchases something from the app/dealer.
  3. The admin distributes the commission to the user via cryptocurrency.
  4. Users have the option to withdraw or sort their money.
  5. Get the app via Chrome Extension and Mobile.
  6. When you achieve the minimum cashback reward amount, consumers withdraw the amount.

How Our StormX Clone Script Is Distinct

Information and transactions are safe.

Our stormx clone script is very safe for third parties to use.

Only verified merchants can sell

Customers can team up with verified merchant retailers, which is a great way to earn cashback.

Within 24 Hours, you’ll get cashback.

When customers make a successful purchase, they get their crypto cashback within 24 hours.

Most cryptocurrency cashback

With our Stormx clone script, you can offer high-paying cashbacks in crypto.

Help add-ons to browsers

One can set it up by adding an extension to a browser like Chrome.


STMX tokens in staking by adding 27.5% per annum.


Our StormX clone app’s possibilities are improving by the day. It is simple to purchase our items online, but the chances of receiving a large return in bitcoin are excellent. It is one of the few blockchain app solutions that offers several ways to obtain cryptocurrency and expand our prospects to boost your profits by utilizing our stormX clone script. You can maintain the app’s offerings up to date, making online buying easier for your clients.

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