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Hair transplant Al Ain: Hair Transplant Cost in Abu Dhabi

An individual’s self-esteem and mental health may be impacted by a receding hairline and the appearance of balding patches. The person can choose to have a Hair transplant Al Ain, which includes shifting follicular units from one area of the body to another, to get rid of these problems. By distributing the hair equally around the head, it makes the head appear denser and thicker. However, because the hair is cut from its root, the area where it was removed does not regrow. The hair that was removed grows in new places. For more information about the procedure, keep reading.

The Heart of the remedy:

The primary goal of the treatment is to improve the recipient’s overall appearance. The goal is to reduce self-consciousness regarding bald areas and patches. This is accomplished by shifting hair from the head’s thicker area to balding parts.


It brings back the luster of sporting a thick head of hair.
It results in greater optimism and self-worth.
The bald and hairless areas of the head are covered.
The effects are long-lasting.
One becomes less self-conscious about their appearance as a result.
The treatment’s results appear pleasing and natural.
In the long run, it is economical.

Perfect candidate:

those who are in good health and don’t have any significant illnesses
Anyone who is self-conscious about their appearance because they have balding or hairless spots on their head
a person who is cognizant of and psychologically ready for the process.
A person who is seeking a long-term remedy for the balding issue
Treatment is not recommended for someone who has not had hair from birth.

How Does the Therapy Function?

The procedure involves transplanting hair from areas of the head with denser hair to the area where baldness is present (s). FUE, FUT, robotic, DHI, and other techniques can be used to perform it. The doctor’s technique decision is influenced by the patient’s expectations, current health, and condition.

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During the initial appointment, the specialist has a thorough discussion with the patient about their problem areas, difficulties, and treatment objectives. In addition, the doctor will review the patient’s medical background and do a thorough physical examination of the affected area (s). Following the evaluation, a list of potential treatment options is offered to the patient based on their expectations. The specialist selects a therapy, then comes up with a game plan and provides directions to help the patient be ready for the procedure.

The client is informed

should cease using vitamins and drugs that thin the blood
to abstain from consuming alcohol
stopping smoking
should speak with the doctor about any queries and worries they may have and to let him/her know if they are taking any medications

What Occurs Throughout Treatment?

The donor area on the head, which has denser hair, is where hair follicles are taken. After applying a numbing ointment to the area, this is done. The recipient area where there is balding or hair thinning is then prepped for them. These follicular units are subsequently implanted through minuscule incisions created in the recipient area.

The doctor may use one of several methods for hair follicle extraction for Hair Transplant Al Ain. It depends on the patient’s health and the procedure’s goals. Large balding areas are best treated with FUT since it allows for the simultaneous extraction of many follicles. However, a doctor might use FUE in other circumstances. Other methods exist as well, including DHI and robotics. Below, all of these techniques are covered.


This surgical procedure involves cutting a strip of skin from the donor site that contains healthy follicles, and then sewing the skin back together. Follicular units are removed from this tissue and then implanted at the recipient site.


Follicular units are removed one at a time from the donor location using this technique. It is removed in a manner that leaves the donor location with no discernible thinning.


In this modified form of the FUE technique, follicles are implanted into the scalp using a device rather than through hand incisions.


In this procedure, the doctor chooses the donor site and the required quantity of follicular units using a robot. The robot then extracts the grafts precisely and accurately, reducing the possibility of human error.

Al Ain Hair Transplant Cost:

The average price of a Hair transplant in Abu Dhabi is between AED 200 and AED 500. It relies on the approach taken by the physician, the patient’s present health, the anticipated outcomes, and the level of training of the specialist doing the procedure. The doctor determines the ultimate cost following a thorough initial consultation and examination.

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