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Have you recently been told by your dentist that you require a root canal treatment? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you are one of the million people in India who have this endocentric treatment each year to cure and preserve their teeth. But what should you expect when you go in for the root canal procedure? To alleviate any concerns you might have regarding root canal treatment, let us know about it comprehensively and the various steps included during the procedure.

When you feel discomfort and extreme pain in your tooth, you may wonder if you need to have a root canal treatment performed on it. If your tooth exhibits swelling, gum infection, discomfort, extreme pain, and sensitivity to hot and cold substances, your dentist in Gurgaon may suggest you undergo a root canal treatment. It is a painless procedure and helps you gain quick relief. 

The Procedure

A dental clinic in Gurgaon suggests undergoing a root canal to extract the diseased pulp from your tooth to save it from further damage or infection. It helps prevent the need to have teeth extracted every time they are broken or infected. In short, the root canal is a savior from permanent tooth loss.

The presence of blood vessels and nerves in the pulp enables your tooth to continue functioning throughout your life. When a dentist diagnoses an infection in the pulp of your tooth, they may suggest root canal therapy as a preventative measure against further infections. Here we have tried briefing some steps included in the process.

Step By Step Guide

It is essential to have a preliminary dental procedure to eradicate the cause of the infection and the decay that has developed within the tooth. A root canal treatment is a simple and effective procedure that consists of four steps and concludes with the extraction of the temporary filling. Your endodontist should be able to complete the treatment within two appointments effectively.

Step-1- Identifying The Pulp Disease

Your dentist in Gurgaon will start by examining your teeth. After that, an X-ray or two could be necessary to determine the severity of the inflammation and tooth decay. In addition, they can conduct a sensitivity test to determine if you experience discomfort or pain when the surface of your tooth enamel comes into touch with either sweet, cold, or hot stimuli.

Because dentists need more modern technology to comprehend the condition entirely, your primary care physician will refer you to a competent dentist once he has discovered the issue causing your toothache. To determine if the patient requires a root canal operation for the tooth, an experienced endodontist will use cutting-edge X-ray technology and digital imaging.

The dentist will administer a local anesthetic to the affected tooth and the tissues surrounding it using a needle. Following this, the dentist may place a dental dam (a little piece of a rubber-like material that isolates infected teeth) to keep them dry and clean. 

Step-2- Removing The Infected Pulp

Next the dentist drills a hole in the tooth’s crown to remove the pulp and any bacteria that may be present. Your dentist will have an easier time accessing the pulp chamber and root of the tooth if you do this. After that, they will use surgical instruments to clean out the root canals and the pulp chamber. Thereafter, they may use antiseptics or antibiotics to guarantee that there is no remaining infection that may cause discomfort. Your root canal is now immaculately clean and will not be subject to further infections.

They use files of varying diameters inserted into the hole to reach the root tip and clear out the infected root canals entirely. 

Step- 3- Placing A Root Filler

Your endodontist will apply a cement adhesive to the canals to ensure proper closure. To prevent infection, the best dental clinic in Gurgaon makes sure the canal is securely sealed.

Step-4- Tooth Restoration

Once a few weeks have passed, you should schedule an appointment with a qualified dentist to have the temporary filling removed. This will not only restore your teeth, but it will also protect them from infection.

Why Do You Need A Root Canal Treatment?

The discomfort of a toothache or the scary appearance of a swollen jaw is both causes for concern. You can get rid of the infection and feel well immediately, thanks to root canal therapy. Get in touch with the best dental clinic in Gurgaon ASAP if you experience symptoms consistent with a tooth infection or abscess. Imperial Smiles is here to offer you immediate and lasting relief. With years of experience in the oral health industry, the pioneers have always delivered satisfactory services to the patients. Contact the team and schedule an appointment!

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