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Facial Capillaries Treatment in Abu Dhabi: Cost of Facial Capillaries

The term “telangiectasia” refers to the blood vessels and capillaries on the face. It frequently happens around the nose, cheeks, and other areas with a higher density of blood vessels. There are no breaks in these capillaries. These are branches of the deeper-seated main vessel. These are extremely noticeable because they are much closer to the surface of the skin than the major vessel, which is deeper and primarily responsible for transporting blood to the face. Occasionally, capillaries and other tiny vessels can form on the skin’s surface due to a variety of circumstances, such as sun exposure and aging.

Are you unsure of how to treat facial capillaries and broken vessels? Learn everything there is to know about facial capillaries by reading about Facial Capillaries Treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Capillary breakage factors include:

exposure to the sun too much
heavy drinking and alcohol consumption
Bruises or injuries
dried-out skin
weather variations
genetic causes
coughing or throwing up
Pollution and tobacco use

Ideal Candidate:

A healthy individual who is mentally prepared for treatment is the ideal candidate. Whoever is aware of their pronounced veins Anyone with visibly visible facial capillaries that have broken
A person who doesn’t have any significant skin issues or diseases
a person with otherwise wholesome skin
a patient who expects the treatment will go as planned

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Techniques employed by the dermatologist:

In order to reduce risks and provide the greatest outcomes, all of the methods listed below are clinical procedures completed by a licenced dermatologist for Facial Capillaries Treatment in Abu Dhabi.

Laser treatment

The most effective method for minimizing the appearance of broken capillaries on the face is laser skin therapy. The hemoglobin absorbs the laser’s light, which causes the capillaries to burst and the blood to evaporate.

Intense pulsed light

IPL is used to repair broken capillaries and improve the appearance of tissue. By promoting cell growth beneath the skin’s surface, even aids in reducing the appearance of irritation brought on by broken capillaries. This process is comparable to laser therapy, with the exception that it uses energy to penetrate the inner layer of the skin without harming the surface layer.


Small spider veins and burst capillaries respond well to sclerotherapy.

A substance known as a sclerosant is injected into the problematic capillary, causing it to shrink and eventually close. Blood will reroute to veins that are not visible.

The dermatologist gives recommendations on how to care for the affected region after treatment.


The typical cost of Facial Capillaries Treatment in Abu Dhabi is between AED 499 and AED 2999. It depends on the doctor’s technique, the number of sessions necessary to get the best outcomes, and the doctor’s skill and experience in administering the treatment. The doctor decides the final price after the initial consultation and a thorough examination.

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