Computer Room Environmental Monitoring System

Because the computer room has a lot of IT equipment that requires relatively high temperature and humidity in the air. High humidity in the air can corrode electronic components, and low humidity can cause static electricity. Therefore, changes in temperature and humidity will cause damage to electrical components and bring losses to users. The environmental monitoring system is the basis for ensuring the normal operation of each device. When monitoring the temperature and humidity, it is necessary to ensure that the computer room works in a suitable environment.

The main heat of the computer room comes from the heat dissipation of the equipment, solar radiation heat, artificial lighting, etc. Among them, a lot of heat is generated during the working process of the computer equipment, which is the main heat source in the computer room. The temperature of the equipment room is too high or too low, which is not conducive to the operation of the equipment. To ensure the normal operation of the equipment, a relatively constant room temperature should be maintained in the equipment room. It is more appropriate to control the working environment temperature of computer equipment between 20°C and 24°C and the relative humidity within the range of 45% to 65%.

computer room environment monitoring

Why monitor the computer room environment?

The effect of temperature on computer components

Data center components are classified into semiconductor devices, capacitors, recording media, insulating materials, and battery life. According to the data, when the current temperature increases by 10°C, the lifetime of these components decreases with the increase of temperature. The lifetime of some sensitive devices is reduced by as much as 50%. If the temperature of the equipment room is lower than 5°C, some devices will not operate normally. When the computer room is below minus 40°C, the lead-acid battery will no longer provide energy.

Effects of humidity on computer components

The relative humidity of the working environment of the computer room is 40%-50%. If the humidity exceeds 65%, a water film with a thickness of 10 will appear on the surface of the device. Such a water film is likely to cause a short circuit, which will reduce the reliability of the circuit. When the humidity is lower than 40%, the staff in the equipment room are prone to generate static electricity and discharge. Static electricity is an invisible killer in the electronics industry, and it will cause a great safety hazard at a specific moment.

Water vapor pressure increases with temperature, and water molecules enter the interior of electronic components. So when the relative humidity remains constant, the higher the temperature, the greater the impact on the equipment.

The composition of the computer room environmental monitoring system

1. Temperature and humidity monitoring

The computer room is a place used to store professional electronic equipment such as servers, routers, and switches. One thing these devices have in common is that the interior is made of metal material. Too high environmental humidity will cause metal materials to rust, while too low humidity will generate static electricity, which will also affect the service life and life of the equipment. Temperature and humidity sensors need to be installed in equipment rooms and cabinets to monitor changes in temperature and humidity in the environment.

2. Power failure monitoring

All computer equipment in the room requires power to function properly. In order to prevent the power outage in the computer room, a power outage alarm is installed in the computer room to monitor the mains power in real-time. In the event of a power outage, the system sends an alarm message to the staff in time to notify the technician to take measures. Start the backup battery equipment in time to ensure the normal operation of the machine room.

3. Water leak monitoring

There are many reasons for water leakage in the computer room, but electronic equipment is afraid of water. Once water enters the device, it will directly cause a short circuit or burn the circuit board, resulting in huge losses. The water leak sensor can quickly detect whether there is any water leakage in the room, and notify the staff in time for the remediation to prevent the equipment from entering the water.

4. Fire monitoring

Once a fire occurs in the computer room, it is a devastating problem. Unlike other buildings, the computer room contains a lot of expensive electronic equipment. Therefore, in the event of a fire, the sprinkler equipment cannot be used to put out the fire directly. Use dry chemical or inert gas only for fire fighting. This requires that we must find the fire point in time and put it out. Real-time monitoring of the occurrence of fire by installing smoke alarms. When a fire occurs, the computer room monitoring system displays the alarm information on an intuitive screen and sends an alarm notification to remind the staff to take control measures, such as opening the ventilation system and closing the computer equipment.

The advantages of the computer room environmental monitoring system:

Environmental monitoring

Real-time monitoring of the computer room environment, security and other systems, including monitoring of temperature and humidity, water leakage, smoke, fresh air fans, power supplies, and air conditioners in the computer room. The data is refreshed in real-time through the configuration scene display on the cloud platform.

Automatic alert

When the equipment in the equipment room is abnormal, or it is detected that a parameter exceeds the safe value. The alarm interface will pop up, and the alarm will be sent by SMS, phone, email, etc. And automatically store relevant data and monitor for follow-up investigations.

Centralized management

Collect various monitoring data and real-time status of the room. All data is summarized on the cloud platform, which is clear at a glance and easy to manage.

Historical data

Record and store the historical data of the operation of the equipment in the room, and the data is recorded once every minute. Support historical data display and data report download. The export format is EXCEL, which is convenient for queries, reports, statistics, classification, and summarizes the development trend of the computer room. Find hidden dangers in time and improve the management level of the computer room.

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