The writing world is quite complex. Writing is regarded as the most challenging task and the most difficult language skill (Senel, 2018).  It has different types. However, for the sake of the debate, it would be quite justified if the writing as a genre is divided into two big panels: formal and informal. The difference between these two will guide a comparison between academic writing and creative writing. Academic writing is formal, while creative writing is informal.

Sometimes it is too difficult to understand the dividing line between the two, and that is why article writing services are offering their help to ward off these worrisome struggles. Students can lean on these writing services to engender their writing skills.


An avid writer knows that both academic and creative writers are in high demand. However, the choice of either form of writing demands in-depth knowledge of the particular category.  Therefore it is necessary to walk through the intricate details required by each type of writing by establishing a comparison between academic and creative writing.


Academic writing is more grounded and structured than creative writing. It Sticks to the information and facts taken from the most reliable sources. Writing pieces in this category also requires the writer to provide links to prove the content he is offering. Even most of creative content writing services provide academic content to help students with their college assignments. They are apt in the fulfillment of rules and regulations as per the criteria of a college or university.

On the other hand, creative writing is more of an informal and personal nature. It does not follow any specific style guide or normalization process. A creative writer is not bound to put forth authentic sources to confirm his opinion. Instead, he can formulate certain presumptions without being absolutely sure of the original source to support them. Nonetheless, it is necessary to follow core concepts of grammar and spelling in both forms of writing.



Whether academic writing is motivated by the purpose of writing an academic paper or creating content for some client, the first step in academic writing is to explain, discuss, and expand on a specific topic. The authors are required to summarise their entire study, including the methods, background, as well as outcomes (dissertationwritinghelp, 2021). The academic writers further support their thoughts and opinions with the latest statistical data.

The purpose of writing is the major difference between the two. It is like a foundation of writing pieces.  Academic writings are written to prove a point or to properly support a certain opinion. While creative writing, mainly focuses on expressing peculiar ideas in the right words. A creative writer is not required to provide dates or numbers to support his content. The purpose of creative writers is to write content for screenplays, short stories, prose, poetry, biographies, etc. just to entertain or educate their target audience.


The writing style is a clear distinction between academic and creative articles. Creative writing is not limited to a particular style or pattern. While on the other hand, it is a must for an academic writer to conform to specific academic content environments. Academic writers are still trapped in a formal framework. There are different recommendations for different types of academic creation. Organizations select a preferred style from a variety of commonly used style guides.

While creative writers, enjoy a lot of freedom in the way of their treatment of words. Examples of creative writing include stories, experiences, opinions, poems, and magazines. A creative writer writes a story or a personal opinion, without having to stick to a certain tone. The author can design the content at his own discretion. 


An academic writer has to keep the language in mind when writing academic content. He must decide on the language and jargon according to the particular type of assignment. The use of colloquial or vulgar language is strictly outlawed. Informal expressions, idioms, and abbreviations generally cannot be used in academic writing.

 But when it comes to creating creative content, writers can set the tone. He is free to use informal or semi-formal language. Creative writers can experiment with the language based on the needs of the content and audience. There are no strict language rules that creative writers must follow. This is another major comparison between academic and creative writing.


Most academic writers are under time pressure. There will be virtually no room for brainstorming or procrastination for other reasons for that matter. Academic writings follow time constraints. This category of writing does not wait for long hours of meditation actions as is enjoyed by a creative writer. An academic writer should prepare well before writing and collect everything one needs during the process, in time.

Creative writers are usually under no time pressure. Even if they write for a production house or publishing house, they have enough time to create the necessary, unique and fresh content. However, it is well-acknowledged fact that when creativity flows, writers can produce incredible content in a very short time.


Academic writers must be familiar with the formats of various types related to the category. They must comply with formatting standards such as Chicago, APA, Harvard, or MLA. These recommendations may also vary depending on the subject and the needs of the teacher demanded from students.

The formatting of creative writing is not as rigid as that of academic projects. The formatting is guided by the writer’s desire to create an impact. For creative content to have the right impact on the audience, the creative writer decides the formats he wants.


In school or university, students are required to create academic and creative texts according to the needs of their project. It is often the requirement of their degree. However, in practical life, specialization in either category of writing can take a person to lead a successful career. Therefore it is necessary to establish a comparison between academic writing and creative writing to guide the choice of career between the both.

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