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Chopta trek : best time to visit and complete itinerary


One of the most amazing experiences might be trekking across the Himalayas in the winter while the mountains are covered with snow. Amongst all the other hikes, Chopta Valley is regarded to be one of the most spectacular ones. This trek is one of the greatest to take part in this winter because it is located in the breathtaking Kedarnath valley in Uttarakhand. All of the hikers would be entranced by the grand vistas of the surroundings. The walk would be considerably more thrilling if one could try to see the nearby peaks, such as Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba, and Trishul Peaks.

Best Time To Visit Chopta trek

Of course, winter is one of the greatest times of year to travel to Uttarakhand’s Chopta Valley, especially if you’ve always wanted to go on a snow trek. However, the journey is still accessible in the summer. The months of March to May are the best if you wish to go to other locations and also receive a breathtaking glimpse of the lush green valley. Otherwise, if you want to be covered in snow and go hiking in the snow-capped mountains, October to February may also be the finest season to visit this area.

Weather Of Chopta trek In Uttarakhand

Between October and January, the highest temperature may range from 15 to 21 degrees Celsius. The average temperature from March to May might fluctuate between 12 and 21 degrees Celsius. Trek to Chopta valley can be organized at one’s convenience. Chopta Valley in Uttarakhand occasionally has very arid weather.

Average Budget For Chopta Trip

The total cost of the Chopta walk might range from 15,000 to 20,000. If you live in Delhi, you can further cut costs as you won’t need to fly. The journey cost would be a little bit greater if you were coming from somewhere else because of the airfare costs. Additionally, there are other trek-related necessities that one must purchase, which may come at an additional expense. There are packages available as well, and these would include everything as part of the expedition.One might even attempt doing it on a small budget if they are planning a solo excursion to Chopta. The price might be further lowered if it is a group excursion. For the Chopta hike, it is advised to have at least 15–20K, nevertheless.

Best Tourist Attractions Near Chopta :

While trekking in the Chopta Valley, one may explore a variety of different locations. It involves seeing some of the locations listed below, in addition to hiking.

1. Tungnath :

One of the must-see locations when walking in Chopta Valley is this. The journey to this summit, which is 4 kilometers away, takes around 2 hours. One of the five holiest Shiva temples in Uttarakhand, Tungnath is devoted to Lord Shiva and is wonderfully tucked within the snow-capped summits of Chandrashila Peak. At a height of 3,680 meters above sea level, this temple, which is 1000 years old, is situated. Visiting this beautiful shrine while hiking through Chopta Valley is a must.

Uttarakhand’s Rudraprayag is the location.

2. Sari Village :

Your chance to see the small towns and villages along the route and discover the way of life and culture of the people of Uttarakhand is greatly enhanced by the Chopta Valley walk. One of the most picturesque settlements and a popular destination for hikers and tourists is Saari Gaon or the Sari village. Everyone uses this settlement as a base camp, and the majority of hikers often remain here when Chopta is closed due to severe weather. This location also offers a ton of lodging options, making it one of the greatest spots to visit while on the Chopta trip.

Location: Uttarakhand’s Rudraprayag district, Sari Village

3. Deoria Tal :

One of the wonderful experiences that everyone would yearn for is to see a magnificent green lake early in the morning amidst the snow-capped mountains of Chopta. When you are here, you should see Chaukhamba Peak’s reflection in the lake. One of the greatest lakes to see throughout the Chopta hike is this one. When you are here, catching the reflections of the neighboring peaks may be enjoyable.

India’s Uttarakhand is the location.

4. Kalimath :

One of the most beautiful sights is to see the fiercest goddess perched atop these mountains. Many devotees visit the temple at Kalimath, which is devoted to the goddess Kali because it is one of the 108 Shakti Peethas. One of the essential stops on the Chopta trek is this location. A trip here is a necessity if you’ve ever pondered what peace and divinity might be like.

Location: Rudraprayag District, Uttarakhand; Kalimath Village

5. Baniyakund :

Being in Chopta makes visiting the charming hamlet of Baniya Kund a necessity. One of those lovely meadows with a variety of lodging possibilities for hikers is this one. It is therefore not an exaggeration to refer to Baniya Kund as a haven for hikers. The majority of hikers choose this location as their base camp for ascending Chopta, Chandrashila, or any other surrounding peaks.

Location: 246419 Uttarakhand

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