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Best Liposuction in Abu Dhabi: Get Rid of Extra Fat


In addition to cellulite-prone areas, the lower abdomen, thighs, and love handles frequently have localized fat deposits. Since it is famously difficult to get rid of these deposits, many people get discouraged when diet and exercise are ineffective. Such people typically look for a more dependable and effective method, such as liposuction, also known as lipo or lipolysis.

This article goes into great length about the Best Liposuction in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain, including the candidates, outcomes, advantages, treatment areas, recovery, risks, and so forth. Continue to read.

Liposuction Indication:

All people want to do is have their bodies contoured, and some of the justifications for getting liposuction in Abu Dhabi are listed below:

ready to change the physique.
Increase your confidence.
aspire to lose stubborn fat.
wish to dress in fitting clothing.
You desire to regain your pre-pregnancy physique.
appealing to reduce fat in a particular location.

Fast facts:

minimally intrusive method
provides longer-lasting results
7–10 days maximum of downtime

The Candidate’s name is:

Consider liposuction surgery in Abu Dhabi if you’re unhappy with your localized areas or you’ve got unsatisfactory outcomes from other fat reduction treatments.

However, make sure you don’t have any major health difficulties before having the procedure. Additionally, you ought to be within 30% of your desired weight.

Your eligibility may also be affected by additional factors, such as your general health and reasonable expectations. Our cosmetic surgeons will go through the eligibility requirements in greater detail and discuss how liposuction might be a practical answer for your aesthetic goals at the initial appointment.

Areas for Lipo Treatment:

The following locations where liposuction is most frequently used:

Arms, Neck, Chest, Thighs, Lower Abdomen, Buttocks
Chin love handles


Patients undergoing liposuction must take pre-operative precautions. By doing so, they can maximize the benefits of their care and lower the risk of complications. Typical pre-operative care guidelines include:

Nicotine patches are among the tobacco products that should be avoided.
Stop using any blood thinners for a few days.
Prior to the treatment, try to stop smoking for a few weeks.
You should abstain from alcohol use for at least a week.

Liposuction Methods:

The liposuction surgeon in Abu Dhabi will select one of the following methods based on your health and aesthetic needs:

Targeting and eliminating fat with a laser water jet during liposuction Using a mild water stream, or lipo, fat can be destroyed.
Traditional liposuction involves rapidly jerking a cannula back and forth to break up fat cells.
Radiofrequency Liposuction liquefies fat using radiofrequency energy.


In Abu Dhabi, lipolysis, often known as liposuction, is not a painful surgery. Clients may express discomfort for the first three days, but by day four, they will start to feel better. Some of Dr. Abdul Majeed’s patients don’t even require any time off from work; several simply require three! Visit our site to know about How can Improve my Fitness.

Liposuction surgery in the UAE has the following advantages and disadvantages.


If you choose liposuction in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain to get rid of extra fat, you may look forward to the following benefits:

increased sensitivity to insulin
less total body fat
improved outlines
Lower odds of developing heart disease


Liposuction Cost in Abu Dhabi, from AED 7,999 to AED 18,00. Due to the fact that a number of factors might affect the price, we are unable to provide you with an accurate quote. Your liposuction operation, for instance, may cost more or less depending on the issue region, the procedure, and the surgeon. You must thus visit the surgeon in person to receive a more precise cost estimate.

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