Andaz Apna Apna ! Journey from Flop to Cult Classic

It’s been over two decades since the release of this epic movie and yet somehow the movie has not lost its charm. Now considered a cult-movie, Andaz apna apna is one of the funniest movie ever made in Bollywood. The duo of Salman and Aamir has taken this comedy of error to another level with their quirkiness.

How can anyone forget the epic dialogue “Sorry sir, galti se mistake hogaya!” I remember watching this movie when I was a kid and couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks and laughing out loud remembering every scene. It was ironic, the movie when released was declared a flop. But over these years, it has become the most spoken about movie and there is almost no dull moment in the movie.

The movie will keep you fixed to your seat right till the end and you will still be craving for more. The slapstick comedy of the movie was a revelation from Raj Kumar Santoshi, known till then for his genuinely honest effort in Damini. He hasn’t been able to create another Andaz Apna Apna since then.


As though you haven’t watched the film as of now, here’s the story: Raveena and Karishma have come in look for their separate Mr. Right. Raveena needs his Mr. Right to adore her and not her riches. To put everybody to test, she has exchanged her name with Karishma. Amar and Prem, unassuming community folks with huge dreams, move toward them and figure out how to prevail upon them. The issue lies in Raveena’s khadoos father Ram Gopal Bajaj. To add to the disarray Ram has a twin fiendish sibling Shyam otherwise known as Teja, who is on a mission to steal from his riches and kill him and his little girl. How the young ladies figure out how to escape from him and win their father’s trust to wed Amar and Prem is all the film is about. Heads up on the off chance that you haven’t as of now. What’s more, watch it once more on the off chance that you have as of now.

The performances:-

1.) Salman Khan:

Who could have done the character of Prem as he did? If you want dumbness personified, go and ask Salman how he played the character of Prem. His trademark “ouyi maa” almost became a rage with viewers. His best scene is the one where he is shown as Ram and Amir as Bharat while they both are trying to save themselves from the owner of the lodge.

Dr. Prem Khurana. Is dhande mein bahut purana.

2.) Aamir Khan:-

He literally was the another good factor of the movie . He acts as the bolder of the two buddies and is a real smart guy. At the same time he was the funnier with dialogues like “chit mai jeeta pat tu hara. Acha thik hai pat tu hara aur chit mai jeeta.” And his favourite dialogue:

Aap mahaan hai,

Shaktimaan hai,

Buddhimaan hai,

Keertimaan hai,

Gyani hai,

Daani hai,

Antaryaami hai,

Balki… balki main to yeh kahoonga ki aap purush hi nahi,

Mahapurush hai… mahapurush!

Absolutely hilarious!

Do dost ek pyaali main chai piyenge. Isse pyar badhta hai.

3.) Raveena and Karishma:-

Both were at the beginning of their respective Bollywood careers and played the roles of inseparable friends falling in love with Amar and Prem. Their pairings with Amir and Salman was apt in the sense that while a bold Raveena was paired with a smart Amar, the shy Karishma was paired with a stupid Prem.

Andaz Apna Apna

” Woh humko teele par mil gaya tha na, isliye humne iska naam teelu rakh diya

4.) Paresh Rawal:-

In the double role of a white coat Ram Gopal Bajaj and a black coat Teja, he was the best comedian you could ask for. Sample his dialogues:

” Main Teja hun kyonki mera naam Teja hain. Teja main hun mark idhar hain.

Murgiyon ka badshah aur bread ka sartaaj, Haamaaraaa Bajaaj!

Andaz Apna Apna

Ye bichhu ka zeher hain. Pinewala 2 hi minute main pila hokar nila ho jata hain. Kifayati aur bharosemand!

5.) Shehzad Khan and Deven Khote:-

As assistants to Raveena and Karisha, they scheme with Teja to kidnap them. Again, they were given some really good dialogues and Shehzaad Khan should get additional credit for imitating Ajit’s accent and voice.

Andaz Apna Apna

Aankhen nikaal ke gootiyan kheeloonga

6.) Shakti Kapoor:-

Would anyone have ever thought that Shakti Kapoor’s most memorable character apart from Balma of Chaalbaaz would be Crime Master Gogo? Some of his attempts at comedy were really good and this was one of them. His imitation fight with Salman Khan towards the end is a delight to watch.

Andaz Apna Apna

Tum dono ko dekhkar mujhe Ramanand Sagar ki Ramayan ka woh episode yaad aa gaya jisamein Ram aur Bharat ka milap hua tha

They say laughter is the best medicine but I think Andaz Apna Apna is the best medicine and nothing comes closer when you talk about humor in movies.

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