Amazon PPC: The Concept

With Amazon PPC (a marketing tool), you can establish a campaign to have your advertising show up higher on search engine results pages and pay every time a customer clicks on one of your ads. If you lack the sales velocity required to rank your products organically on Amazon, It can be helpful.

Amazon PPC: Best Practices 

  • Place an aggressive opening bid. Profitability is crucial; however, if you’re starting, you must bid aggressively to get recognized.
  • Keep precise match keywords in mind. Broad match keywords typically have lower conversion rates and profitability than exact keywords, also known as long-tail keywords.
  • Using generic keywords should be avoided to increase profitability. Instead, target your keywords if you require high-quality traffic to your listing, which you need.

Amazon PPC: Pros

#1: You’ll notice the results right away.

The fastest technique to get your product to rank on page one is, without a doubt, through Amazon PPC. Your PPC campaigns will quickly provide results if they are correctly created.

#2: PPC ads from Amazon appear before organic results.

On its SERPs and product detail pages, Amazon is moving increasingly toward paid results being displayed everywhere. As a result, your products will be highly visible if you employ Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands (types of PPC advertisements), which show above the organic results.

#3: PPC advertisements are now a crucial component of every marketing plan

Amazon is becoming increasingly competitive. You have no choice but to integrate it into your estore marketing approach if you want to stand out in this crowded industry and swiftly reach customers.

Amazon PPC: Cons

#1: Not all sellers can afford PPC-sponsored ads

As soon as you stop paying, your visibility disappears. Additionally, if your marketing budget is limited, you generally cannot run PPC advertisements. For instance, PPC advertising is quite expensive if you sell in a cutthroat industry like beauty or home & health.

#2: Low Profits

You may keep all the revenue from each transaction by using Amazon SEO. However, PPC is a pay-to-play model, so your customer acquisition costs are substantially greater than organic sales. If you want to determine the profitability of your PPC advertising, look at your ACOS. 

Ideally, your PPC campaigns will be lucrative if your ACOS is less than 10%.

#3: You can’t solely depend on Amazon PPC

Your paid traffic should not be your only source of income. Instead, your advertising efforts should have a snowball effect, gradually generating organic sales and brand exposure. If not, it’s time to meet with your Amazon PPC management specialist and reevaluate your Amazon marketing plan.

How Do Amazon PPC Improve SEO Results?

Your organic ranking is most affected by sales velocity. Unfortunately, ranking your products higher in the SERPs may take weeks or even months.

Furthermore, sales from PPC ads may favorably impact your organic ranking. To improve your product’s position for a given term, you may also strategically bid on that keyword.

As new products lack the two most critical elements determining organic ranking—sales history and social proof—Amazon PPC is essential.

Amazon SEO or Amazon PPC? Opt For Both.  

Amazon SEO and PPC work together seamlessly. Both strategies work well to boost Amazon sales, but their impacts can be enhanced when used together. PPC aids in constructing a building, whereas SEO lays the foundation. Together, PPC and SEO may create a powerful marketing tool that will push your products to the top of the search results.


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