7 Key Considerations to Make When Choosing an SMS Service Provider

You’ve made the decision that sending SMS messages online is the best way to expand your business, send out bulk text messages, or stay in touch with your clients. Choosing corporate text messaging may be a very effective strategy for success, development, and improved communication. 

You cannot, however, attempt it alone. To fully benefit from SMS, you must find an SMS provider who will cooperate with you and give you the necessary tools.

There are several suppliers to select from, which is fantastic news. The bad news is that they aren’t all created equal, and some low-quality suppliers can end up costing you money instead of providing the ROI you need. Uncertain about how to distinguish the wheat from the chaff? Let’s think about seven crucial factors to keep in mind while selecting an SMS service.

Message transmission 

We’ll start off by talking about message delivery, which is a somewhat large topic with a few key subtopics. There is more to it than just communicating your message to the people you desire it to reach. 

  • How fast can your texts be sent by the SMS provider? The appropriate moment is really important. Being too late results in you missing crucial opportunities, especially when time-sensitive activities are involved. Nevertheless, starting too soon is also harmful since it gives your audience time to forget. 
  • How precisely does the business deliver Bulk SMS? How many calls are made to unreachable phone numbers? Is there a promise of accuracy of any kind?
  • How trustworthy is the company’s message delivery? It happens far too frequently that you’ll join up with an SMS service and have a positive experience at first, only to discover that they become less reliable over time, which hurts your success. 
  • What is the typical SMS message open rate for the business? Working with an SMS supplier who can honestly state a successful delivery rate of 98% or greater is ideal.

Scalability and User-Friendliness 

Scalability and usability must now be covered. One of the most crucial factors in this case is scalability, which makes sure that you only ever pay for the products and services you actually use. Without having to spend money on all the bells and whistles in the early phases of your business‘ growth, you should be able to “start small” and then ramp up your marketing efforts. 

Connection to Your Current CRM 

You probably already have a number of crucial business processes and tools in place. You most likely utilise a CRM on a regular basis (customer relationship management system). Most likely, your company also has a loyalty programme. In truth, you could already have a wide variety of software applications and other tools. 

Ensure that the SMS service provider you select can easily be used and can interface with your CRM and other programmes. Additionally, you should confirm that the platform is accessible via the web so that you may utilize it with ease when on the road.

Observing best practises 

Today, spam is a huge business. It’s also a grave sin. Make sure the SMS service provider you select complies with industry best practices. For instance, to be sure that you are only texting those who have given you permission to do so, your list should be created using a double opt-in approach. Make sure the SMS service provider complies with the new GDPR standards that entered into effect in May 2018 if you want to conduct business with the EU or the UK.

You Can Test Drive a Car 

Never pick an SMS service before researching them. Make sure you have access to a free trial of some kind so you can evaluate the provider’s product. By doing so, you may see the system directly, learn how it operates on a technical level, and get a sense of how user-friendly it is. 

Reporting and Analytics 

Any SMS provider is free to make any delivery accuracy and open rate claims they choose. However, it’s crucial that you can assess the success of your SMS campaign. To dig deeper into the scenario, make sure the platform you select includes integrated analytics with bespoke reports.

Good Standing 

Finally, you need to look at the reputation of the SMS service. However, go beyond just reading client endorsements on the service provider’s website. Investigate the online discussion about the brand on social media. Find out whether there have been any complaints made against the business and how they were resolved by contacting the Better Business Bureau. Do your research to make sure the business you select is ethical, committed to offering first-rate customer service and support, as well as a good product.

SMS API for straightforward Integration 

Make sure the SMS API docs provided by your provider are thorough and simple. All of your company’s current network applications, such as mobile apps, open source software, CRM systems, social messengers, and collaboration tools, should be simple to connect with the API. 

The confidentiality and integrity of the SMS sending service

When selecting an SMS provider, be sure that you have delivery assurances, especially for urgent, private, and important communications or when sending a lot of SMS. Roaming or low-cost SMS services, for instance, do not guarantee a service quality that is sufficient and acceptable. 

On the other hand, sending direct operator SMS through SMS software and an SMS service provider recognised as an ARCEP Telecom Operator results in much better outcomes and the highest level of quality for your SMS campaigns insofar as only the sending of Pro SMS is available and the timing of the SMS reception is guaranteed.

Monitoring and technical support

Permanent monitoring and effective technical assistance are requirements for the proposed service, which must also contain technical terms of service that provide an automated traffic switching solution for all operators in the event of a disruption or malfunction. 

Additionally, an unquestionable asset to guarantee the seriousness of your new SMS provider is a customer alert system and capable and accessible customer care. 

Advanced campaign management functionalities

The tools suggested by the SMS service provider must take into account all the message’s functionalities and settings, including sender personalization, advanced contact list management, individualised SMS message sending times and dates, delivery confirmation, performance analysis, etc.

The price of the service 

The price is one of the most crucial factors to consider when selecting an SMS service provider. SMS technology is intended to be a cheap and simple method of sending messages, thus bulk pricing must take this into account as well.

Providers are upfront about the charges associated with obtaining an SMS service, like Guni SMS Make careful to enquire about prices as much as you can while comparing different services. These should also include understanding of operating expenses, bulk SMS charges, and SMS pricing.


Here were the top factors to take into account when selecting an online SMS service. You can contact your audience, maintain their interest, and increase your success with the aid of the proper business. Not every SMS service provider, though, is worth your time and money. Making an informed, precise selection will be easier if you use the above checklist as a guide to help you compare different suppliers.

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