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7 Benefits of Installing a Wood Fence Around Your Yard

Your yard has become the center of your family’s life and entertainment, especially in the summer months when you spend most of your time outdoors. You want to protect yourself and your family from intruders, such as thieves who would like to see what’s inside your home, but you also want to keep your children safe when they play outside and prevent animals from getting out of your yard and onto the streets. A wood fence around your yard not only gives you privacy and solitude, but also discourages intruders, keeps kids safe while playing, and contains pets.

Seven Benefits of Installing a Wood Fence

1) Privacy

A wood fence not only gives you privacy and solitude, but it also discourages intruders, keeps kids safe while playing, and contains pets. On top of that, they add beauty and substantial value to your home. With professionally installed wood fences costing up to per linear foot*, why not make privacy one reason for installing a beautiful new wooden fence?

Fence Foundation: Before you start planning where your fence will go or what type of wood fencing would look best in front of your house, think about whether or not you need a foundation for your fence posts. While some fences are free-standing (without posts), most have posts driven into concrete or into the ground. If you have an existing cement slab in place, using concrete footings is an easy way to secure each post. Otherwise, consider digging postholes at least deep with 6 inches of gravel fill at the bottom and then fill with concrete before setting each post on top.


2) Safety

When you have children or pets, staket trä are essential for their safety. While it may seem like your kids will always stay in your sight, there will inevitably be times when they are out of sight from you – and that’s where security fencing comes in. A sturdy, reliable fence is an effective way to ensure that your kids and/or pets stay safe on your property. A garden fence also gives you extra privacy so that you can enjoy peace and quiet.

3) Value Addition

When you install your own wood fence, you’re adding significant value to your home. According to Black Book, professionally installed wood fences can cost up to per linear foot. By installing your own fence, you save money and get exactly what you want! Furthermore, there are other important benefits of installing your own fence. For example, it adds beauty and privacy to your property while deterring intruders.

Installing a wood fence around your yard is an investment in both privacy and security. If you don’t have kids or pets running around outside, however, you might not need a full-length horizontal fence; instead, consider installing garden fencing or picket fencing for added privacy. Even if you don’t have any immediate plans for building a new deck or patio (which would be perfect for sitting out in that new privacy!),


4) Beauty

One of wood fences’ greatest assets is their appearance. While fiberglass and vinyl fences are easy to clean, wood doesn’t require much maintenance beyond regular soap and water, which keeps it looking beautiful for decades. Because it comes in many different colors—and can even be stained with custom colors—it blends seamlessly with your yard’s existing décor and doesn’t require any repainting.

5) Low Maintenance

While you’re away at work all day, it can be difficult to remember to tend to certain jobs around your home. A horizontal fence isn’t much more difficult to maintain than other types of fences, so there’s no reason not to install one if you have a lot of free time. This can be particularly beneficial in neighborhoods where neglectful neighbors may damage any type of fence. Your horizontal billigt staket will remain beautiful and undamaged for years, thanks in part to its simplicity and stability.

Quick Installation

6) Quick Installation

A wood fence foundation takes just 3-5 days to install and there’s very little digging required. These fences can be installed around existing trees without killing them, though it is usually cheaper to have trees removed and then take down a wooden fence. If you own your home, you may be able to write off all or part of that expense. Plus, every homeowner loves saving on taxes!

7) Easy To Maintain

A wood fence is more affordable than other types of fences and doesn’t require as much maintenance. Some wood fences can even be painted to match your home’s color scheme, so you won’t have to worry about painting it again for years. A wood fence also keeps weeds from sprouting in your yard, so you can maintain that manicured lawn without having to trim around a fence often. And unlike other types of fences, no annual painting or staining is required.

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